Nathan on Oct 8, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

Amazing! This is perfect for my autistic daughter who likes tactile stimming. She loves to lace her fingers in the loops and squish the ball. I'm very satisfied and will be buying another once this one has been worn out

Nathan from TN

TinkerBall~ Quiet Fidget stress ball

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My name is Rebecca J. Keddy. I'm a very creative person. I've been crafting and creating art since I was 5. I come from a crafty family and they have all taught me different things over the years. I am a native of Canada along the Maine border and there was not much to do in the winters so I sewed, knitted, quilted, canned and learned a number of ways to be resourceful. I've had 5 different business on line mostly using Ebay but now I'm focusing mostly on Etsy. I hope you've found my work beautiful and inspiring. I love to bring color into people's lives.